Cosmos Quest - Space Adventure Game

Cosmos Quest is a free point-and-click science fiction game inspired by Space Quest series. The game is created with AGS.

Cosmos Quest V: Radion Space StationCosmos Quest V: Nia and The CaptainCosmos Quest V: Zhena
Cosmos Quest V

Cosmos Quest IV: Xara Briga Orbital StationCosmos Quest IV: Trade Depot (basement)Cosmos Quest IV: Trade Depot (upper level)
Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March

Cosmos Quest III: Inside the shipCosmos Quest III: Panet IsagorCosmos Quest III: Orbital Restaurant near Zigobi Giant
Cosmos Quest III: The Mines of Isagor

Cosmos Quest II: Radion Space StationCosmos Quest II: Pitla StationCosmos Quest II: Planet Kusur-XT2
Cosmos Quest II: To Find a Sun

Cosmos Quest I: Planet ZhenaCosmos Quest I: Jaro Motor InnCosmos Quest I: Desert Planet Ayatolia
Cosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun