Hints | Cosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun

Cosmos Quest is a free point-and-click science fiction game inspired by Space Quest series. The game is created with AGS.

Cosmos Quest I: To Find a Sun


Planet Zhena

Cosmos Quest 1: Planet Zhena You landed with your small ship on a planet called Zhena. Your pod is overheated and needs to be cooled down. Open the front of the pod. Walk to the right and to the south. On the wooden poles are some remains of a tent. The whole cloth is too big so use the knife in your inventory on the tent remains to cut a strip of CLOTH off (2/2).

Walk back to the north and to the left to see your ship again. Look at the left side of the hose under the tree (1/3). The outlet contains oil. Use the cloth with the hose so the cloth becomes oily (3/6). Walk to the left and to the south to reach an open space in the plants. Near the mudpool you’ll see a strange plant with a shell. Use the cloth on the plant (3/9). Walk to the south twice and you’re at the plant again but this time it’s dead. Take the SHELL from under the plant (2/11).

Walk to the south and to the right to return to the ship. Use the shell on the lake to fill her with very cold liquid (2/13). Use the front of the shuttle to open the hood and use the shell on the shuttle to cool her off (4/17). Close the front of the shuttle again and use the side to get into the shuttle.

First check all meters and warning. There is a message written above the window left of the red lever (1/18) and there’s a message written at the very left (1/19). Now we want to get back to our home base at Radion Space Station so we have to reconstruct the coordinates for this. Look at the center of the console at the blue screen. You can read the mask code there: 22:5|8:1|27:4|31:2|19:3|38:6|20:1|43:5. Take your ID card from your inventory and note the clock of numbers on it. Take from line 5 the 22nd (2), from line 1 the 8th (9), from line 4 the 27th (0), from line 2 the 31rd (9), from line 3 the 19th (7), from line 6 the 38th (6), from line 1 the 20th (2) and from line 5 the 43rd (6).

Set the shuttle to auto pilot, the square red button on the left (1/20) and try to pull the lever on the right. It’s stuck. Good thing you’ve read the message above the window so push the little red switch on the right above the window to override the lever and you’re off (5/25).

You’ll arrive at Radion Space Station shortly after and you’re requested to leave immediately because someone has put a tracking device on your ship. You’ll be diverted to Jaro Motor Inn to find Sgt. Getz. The coordinates will be inserted from Radion Space Station automatically (2/41). Push the little red switch at the top again to go to that location (2/43).

Jaro Motor Inn

Cosmos Quest 1: Jaro Motor Inn Talk to the guard in front of the motel. He doesn’t speak the language and tells you there are no available rooms. Show him the cloth with oil (2/45). You will see that he doesn’t like the smell of oil. Return to the front of the hotel. Look at the motel. There are two large oxygen tanks to the left and right and there’s another shuttle parked there. In the sky you can see a small planet - “Pearl of the Federation” (3/48).

Walk over to the left oxygen tank, close to the wall. You’ll see a door there. Look at the door. It’s an old thick steel door that is locked. There is a big hole in the left top corner of the door. Drop the cloth with oil (6/54) in and leave the door. Go to the same location on the right side.

At this side you can see Jaro Motor Inn air control system. You have to adjust the flow of the air so it will go to the guard at the front of the motel. Push the red rotation arrow in the center to point clockwise. Activate both oxygen tanks (unmark the vents next to them). Make sure all other vents are closed (have an X-mark) except for the one at the lower right, near the entrance. So the oxygen flows from left to right, in the direction of the lower right vent. Now push the black button on the right side and go back to the front of the motel. Talk to the guard. He’s not feeling well and he'll let you in (16/70). Now try to find Sgt. Getz.

Look around in the bar. Only a few people there. Look at the barstools on one of them is a BUSINESS CARD (6/76). It’s from someone from a cleaning company. Talk to the girl on the left sitting alone. She’s seen the Sgt. but wants to invite you for something else. Thank T’Ju for the invitation bet continue the search (5/81). Talk to the other lady alone, the bartender. Not the friendly type. If you don’t want a drink you have to get lost. Go over to the first girl again and talk to her. Ask her why the bartender is acting that way. You’ll learn about the egg that she droped (3/84).

Walk to the north on the left of the bar to go to the other side of the bar. Look at the place again. There’s a trash bin. Search it and take the peeled, warm EGG (from bartender) (10/94). Talk to the guy sitting on the sofa. Ask him for Sgt. Getz. He hasn’t seen him. Walk to the south and go to the reception desk. Talk to the girl there. She can’t help you with this private information. You can’t even check the floors. Read the certificate on the wall and notice the date is expired (7/101). There’s also a signature and a seal on it. Use the warm egg on the seal to make a copy (20/121). Use the warm egg on the business card and the seal is now transferred (25/146). Show the new made ID to the girl at the reception and tell her you’re here to inspect the motel (14/160). You now have access to every floor. You’ll go through the door on the left and take the elevator. See what will happen.

Desert Planet Ayatolia

Cosmos Quest 1: Desert Planet Ayatolia You’ve been kidnapped to another planet from the ayatolians. They don’t tell you much. When you’re alone, explore your prison cage. Inside is a unknown device and it has a ROCK on it. Take it (10/170). Just outside the cage is a pipe for some purpose. On top of the pipe is a valve. Use the rock on the valve. It made the pipe sprinkle water over the bars, causing a short circuit and made them disappear (20/190). You’re free to go now.

Walk to the right of the screen until you ara at the other side of this place. Then look at the door next to the stairs. When you do, you’ll overhear a conversation about oil delivery (25/215). So they are controlling the oil supplys from here thus killing the Rhomulian Sun. You must inform your captain somehow.

To the right is a room, similar to the one you were held in. On the corner of that room, next to the stairs are folders with information. Look at the folder and read all the notes. One of the notes contains the conversation you had with the captain about you needing to see Sgt. Getz in Jaro Motor Inn. See and remember the frequency the conversation was on (9/224).

Walk through the tunnel to get into the desert. Walk to the right and find a sand cage. Look at the thing in the middle of the desert. Not much you can do with it. Use the shell to drop it on the structure and there appears to be someone under. It’s another prisoner. He’ll tell you about the nearest village and how to use the communicator (12/236). So you must bang on a steel door in a special pattern that is something like a code. Find that steel door. There was one near your cell.

Go through the tunnel, back into the place near your cell. Bang on the massive white door that looks like garage doors. You request the transmitter (15/251). Walk back to the right, through the tunnel into the desert and keep walking to the right until you find the transmitter.

Use the transmitter. You’re asked for a frequency. Use the one you found on the notes: 2760. Call for the captain and when the frequency was right, he’ll answer (24/275). The captain will send pod #2.

Walk to the left, back to the cell. When you arrive here, you should hear the sound of pod #2 (25/300). Walk to the right again, through the tunnel back into the desert. Walk past the the sand cave and to the right you’ll find pod #2 (10/310).

Radion Space Station

Walk across the bridge to the lower platform and walk to the right. There is an intercom near the entrance. Push the button so you can enter (10/320). Talk to the captain, tell him everything and receive your new assignment (20/340). Walk back to the left and after the bridge turn right. Walk all the way to the right (10/350).