Hints | Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March

Cosmos Quest is a free point-and-click science fiction game inspired by Space Quest series. The game is created with AGS.

Cosmos Quest IV: The Ayatolian March


The Prison Cell

Take a look around. Find the trash bin and take pieces of paper with poem from Jan Gazar. Read the poem.
Take the metallic wire which is located near the bin.
Go near the wall and look in the cabinet. Take the mirror and the handle of the cabinet's door.
Go in the inventory menu and combine the handle and the wire.
Use the handle and wire over the stick located near the laundry opening.
Now you have the stick. Go in the inventory menu and combine the stick with the mirror. Tie the stick and the mirror with the wire.
Go near the panel (right part of the screen). Use the tied stick and mirror over the panel.
Now you see the panel but you need the unlock combination.
Go in the inventory menu and read the poem again. It's messed up.
Sort out the poem and extract the numbers. First 3 digits are easy. The last one is 4 - "for (4) their love...". Use the numbers to unlock the cell. Jan Gazar is in love with you so he didn't just wrote you a poem. Go out and enter the laundry opening.

Laundry Room

Cosmos Quest 4: Escaping the laundry room Find and take the magnetic disk. Go right and find the cabinet.
Put the disk on the on the cabinet. Reset the system (use the panel near the cabinet).
The disk prevents the cabinet's closing. Go and take the disk again.
The cabinet is open now. Collect all from it. You have a laser sword, a small oxygen tank and a diary card.
Go left and use laser sword on the robot. You cut off it's hand. Take the hand.
Use robot's hand and use it on the door panel.
Enter the elevator.
Watch the animation.

Inside The Space Coffin

You are in a space coffin.
There is a lack of oxygen inside.
Use the oxygen tank on the oxygen socket.
Watch the animation.

Trade Depot (basement and middle level)

Cosmos Quest 4: The Trade Depot (basement) You find yourself in a basement of a trade depot hidden inside a meteorite.
Walk through the bridge and go near the box. Search it and take card-reader.
Meanwhile you will see a small creature (hoggit).
Go left. You will see a avies plantation that produces oxygen for the depot.
There is a barrel with a pump. Go and take the pump.
Go right in the first location and then right again.
Find and take the container and go right (walk behind the entrance).
Enter the small ship. You take the ship's key and a translator.
Use the key on the ship's fuel lid. You have access to the fuel.
Use the pump on the fuel opening. Then use the container and fill it with fuel.
Go in the room with the avies plantation. If the hoggit is trapped in the cage, go near the cage and release him.
If the hoggit is not trapped, exit room, and enter again until the hoggit is trapped.
Go near the the engine and put some fuel.
Start the engine and watch the animation.

The exit door is open now. Go out of the basement.
You are on the middle level of the trade depot.
Hear the conversation between a visitor and guy from the depot.
The visitor wants to buy old spacecrafts for the Dengra museum.
He wants to see the space coffin that you came with.
Watch the animation.

They are trapped in the basement and you have access to the middle level of the depot.
Enter the ship and take magnetic authorization card.
Go right and see the ships.
Go left and see the plaque under the memorial bust.
Use the laser on the plaque and take the precious metal.
You have a magnetic authorization card so you can enter the elevator.
Use the elevator and go in the upper level of the depot.

Trade Depot (upper level)

Cosmos Quest 4: The Trade Depot (upper level) You will see a LSS guy having a technical problem. You are LSS engineer, remember?
Talk to him many times, until hi give you a red gum (anti-radiation thing).
Talk to him until he stops answering.
Go left, and then left again.
Talk to the standing guy there many times.
You are telling him about the Hargs and Ayatolians.
Go right and wait for the droid.
The droid will open the door and will enter.
Then put the gum over the door panel and wait.
The droid will go out and the door will stay open because of the gum. Enter.
Talk with the Laroth. He is selling a spacecraft.
Give him the precious metal. Buy a ship.
Look the wall to the right. There is an electronic key. Take it.
Go out and then right. Use the electronic key on the electronic lock.
LSS panel is open. Adjust it. The guy will talk to you. He will leave to do his work.
Use card-reader on the charger near the LSS monitor.
Put diary card in the card reader. See the card-reader and read the diary.
Scroll down 17 or 18 times. Read about Q8(1891,7760) - the coordinates of a strange place.
Go down in the middle level of the depot.
Go right to the ships. Enter the ship that is close to you.
Watch the animation. The small hoggit will help you.


Planet Talano-Asarabi

You are on the desert planet of Talano-Asarabi. The ship that you bought from Laroth is not in a good condition.
You have to repair it. Go right and talk to the pilot until he is bored.
See the packages that he have to deliver. Check the green package. The pilot will allow you to deliver it to a man (Karvo Harba) in the village nearby.
Talk with the guard. He will not let you in.
Go left and enter your ship. Fly to the village nearby.
Meanwhile watch the animation (Hargs and Ayatolians and their battle).
You arrive in the village. Check the repairing droid. You will see that the connector is missing.
Go right and talk with the guy there many times. You are asking him about Karvo Harba and the package that you have to deliver.
He will tell you that Karvo Harba is busy now - meditating.
Find the fruits. Eat them.
Fly back to the first place.
When you arrive you will see that something is coming from west. That thing will hit the barrier.
Go left and see the dead Rogus-Borgorog - a heavy blood-thirsty creature. The barrier system are build because of Borgorogs.
See the barrier. It's not working properly. Go and report that to the guard.
He will leave the entrance. Enter.
Find Z and X accelerators. Take them.
Check the keycard slot.
Go out and then right.
You will see the guard that is fixing something.
Take the keycard that he left outside. Enter the building again.
Use keycard on the keycard slot. One of the cabinets is open.
Take the connector and go in the village again.
Use the connector on the droid. The droid will move near your ship.
Then the guy (Karvo Harba) will come.
Read the conversation and watch the animation.
Go near the other ship (repairing droid room) and open its socket.
Get Y accelerator.
Use X, Y, X accelerators and time controller (that Karvo gave you) on the repairing droid.
Your ship is fixed now.
Enter the ship.
Watch the animation.

The Strange Place

Check your inventory and see the map symbols from Karvo.
Take a look at "knowledge" and "nothing" symbols. Remember the conversation with Karvo Harba?
Go near the cups and search them. Take 6 symbols.
Look in your inventory and take "knowledge" symbol.
Throw the symbol in the hole with the symbol for "nothing" (2nd row, 3rd hole).
Watch the animation.